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Gifts For Oneself

Not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but ultimately they are indistinguishable ~ M. Scott Peck

If you haven't been reading or seeing my posts, I Love Valentines!!! I start celebrating 4 weeks ahead of time. I usually start by practicing self love. Even though I practice on a daily basis with affirmation, meditation, and even showering.

I did say showering, showering is one of my favorite self care routines. It doesn't have to do with feeling so fresh and so clean even though that is a plus. I love how the warm water feels over my body. It is quiet and allows me to reflect on what I'm thankful for. It is where I pray and silence the world.

The 1st week I pampered myself with a facial from Vera and got my eyelashes done by Phyllis.

On my second week I wanted to focus on my husband and I. So I decided to do that by booking a suite at a hotel, ordering room service, and most importantly, spending time with my love.

I wanted to do something that I've always wanted to do, but never had the guts to do. I wanted to give my husband boudoir photos. I went ahead and booked a local photographer and makeup artist. I didn't book just any random photographer or makeup artist. I chose two women that not only are experts in their craft, they both make me feel comfortable.

I first worked with Daneeca Barrone Vazquez a few years back when I was doing pop up tea parties around Taos County. She took amazing photos of my guests, tea sets, and translated the overall ambiance of the tea party. She not only provided amazing photos, but I noticed how she made my guest feel. She made them feel comfortable and special. She wasn't cold, which I have experienced before during a photo shoot.

Why now? Currently I am at my biggest and least fittest I have ever been. I had never done it before, because I always told myself when I'm a certain physical attribute then I will do it. When I would reach that goal I would come up with another physical attribute that I needed to achieve. Let's just say that day never came. There was always something that I could improve on physical appearance.

When I finally said I was going to do this I immediately booked Daneeca and Judith, that way I wouldn't back out. I purchased some lingerie from Adore Me and committed to the photo shoot. Trust me there were days that I felt calling Judith and telling her maybe you can do my makeup for another event. But I would tell myself Judith is amazing at her craft and not only that I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. I met Judith during another photo shoot for The Hum Magazine. We laughed and our conversation was so organic.

The day before Phyllis owner of Beauty Boutique filled in my eyelashes to help me look fabulous.

When I checked into my room I still had that feeling of what are you doing? I reminded myself of what my husband tells me all the time, "I'm attracted to you at any size, you are beautiful at any size, I wish you could just believe what I say." This photo shoot was meant for my husband, but it ended up to be for me.

Prior to the photo shoot I let a few of my girlfriends know what I was doing. I heard several stories like mine. I've always wanted to do one, but I want to wait until...(fill in aesthetic alteration). When the day finally arrived It was a blast and I don't regret doing it one bet. Judith did my makeup in the bathroom, while Daneeca sat on the toilette. We had so much fun laughing, talking, and enjoying each others company. I felt like a teenager in college again when you would get ready together with your girls to go out.

During the photo shoot, Daneeca made me feel so comfortable. She would repeat beautiful after taking pictures, which I'll admit boosted my confidence. She made me feel so comfortable in such a vulnerable position. After seeing the photos I felt sexy and beautiful.

This made me realize this photo shoot wasn't just for my husband, but for myself. I realized what my husband has been telling the truth this whole time. I am beautiful at any size. Daneeca not only was able to bring out my physical beauty, but she caught me laughing and my inner self shined.

So ladies, we need to stop waiting until we achieve our so called perfect look. Do it now and love yourself now, don't wait until you loose that weight etc. DM Daneeca and Judith and they will help you not only look amazing, but bring out that love for you Even though this was originally a way to express my love to my husband it ended up being a way to express my love for myself.

Daneeca's handle @d.cbarronephotography

Judith's handle @yourstruly_jude


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