• Carmen Medrano

Is Selfcare a Buzzword?

#selfcare” is the buzzword of 2021. I think so anyways. I’ve used it and so have millions of people. It has become a pretty trendy word and idea. What exactly does that mean word mean. Growing up I always thought self care was for the rich. Those who could afford a spa day, getting massages, pedicures, and facials while sipping Champagne.

Where could I have gotten this idea from? For crying out loud I’ve been taking care of myself for quite a while. I brush my teeth, eat when I’m hungry, and generally get to work on time. Isn’t that taking care of myself? Where did the notion of not being able to sip wine, while eating from a Charcuterie Board mean I wasn’t taking care of myself?

I recently did a live video about my 4 weeks of Valentines and week 1 is all about loving myself, being with myself, and self care. It was a live video of getting my scheduled haircut, which followed with a facial, and eyelash extensions. I definitely treated myself. It was amazing, but was that self care or treating myself?

I see my beautician Phyllis and the owner of The Beauty Boutique like clockwork. Every 5 weeks she cuts, dyes, and waxes my hair. She not only beautifies me, but we talk, share stories, and can unload the crazy details of our lives. This is where things get a little fuzzy. Is this Self-Care or treating myself?

Even though Phyllis knows it or not, she contributes to my mental health. She has become my trusted friend over the last 6 years. I spill the tea with her. Not only does she help me workout my troubles I walk out of there looking fabulous and feeling confident. I do want to make it clear you don’t have to go to a salon. All one needs to do is connect with friends. Don’t you remember being kids and playing with each other’s hair, giggling, and talking about our dreams? How happy we were? I know we are in a middle of a pandemic. All I could say is thank God for zoom, FaceTime, and other amazing apps where we can see and talk with friends and family.

After seeing Phyllis I went to see Vera the owner of Bella Pellé Esthetic. I had the best facial of my life. She massaged my face, neck, arms and every time she would put a mask on I felt like she was putting clouds on my face. Yes, I said clouds! Even after I‘m pretty sure I said I think you fixed my soul.

She made my skin glow and gave me a massage, but most of all there was human contact. Its amazing how human contact can move your soul. Even infants who are failure to thrive can be healed by getting enough human contact. As children we would hug and hold hands without a second thought. Right now we are at a time where social distancing can save your life, and contact can have the opposite affect. What are people to do? Find what I like to call your Covid Bubble and hug one another or get a facial with Vera. I wish I had a solution for this one, but all I could say as I hope to be back one day to where we can run and hug our loved ones without a second thought.

Self-care isn’t just doing affirmations, going to the spa, it is about doing the things that make you feel good that impact your life in a positive way may it be physical or mental. What a controversial thought.

Yes, very controversial. Especially when the US once considered African Americans, immigrants, and women not fit enough to take care of themselves. Black people were once thought to have a debasement of mind, immigrants the inability to take care of themselves and women too hysterical too do so. Self-care wasn’t always a buzz word it was a political civil and women’s rights movement.

In the 60s-70s self Care was claiming the autonomy over ones body. it was an act against the institutional, white, patriarchal medical system. Currently that word is not seen as political, but it should be viewed as both self love and a right to have the choice over ones body with equal access to care.

So what is self care? It‘s the opportunity to do what makes you feel good that has a positive affect in your life. Also the right to have choice over ones body with the opportunity to medical care.


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