• Carmen Medrano

Stay Vintage

Updated: May 2, 2021

I've always wanted to own a vintage travel trailer. I remember watching the movie My Girl and Jamie Lee Curtis' character shows up in her travel trailer. I was like, now that’s how to live. I dreamt of all the places I would go.

When I was at the verge of graduating high school, I was asked by my parents what I was going to do next. I told them "I’m going to buy a vintage trailer, travel, and get odd end jobs to survive." Can you imagine hearing that from your kid? 😬 Nonetheless I went to college, because my parents made it clear that I would lose my scholarships and if I ever wanted to go back they would not be able to help me financially.

Three years after college, I was living in Alaska and my desire to live in a trailer was still there, but then came my sweet baby boy. My husband‘s practicality delayed my dream once again.

Don’t worry, my dream is still not squashed yet. I often tell my family I’m going to get my little vintage trailer and travel the world, but for now I have the option of staying at the Hotel Luna Mystica on the Taos Mesa.

The Vintage Experience

Hotel Luna Mystica is a vintage trailer hotel. Each trailer is unique, having their own characteristics and you can’t beat the view. The trailers have their own deck, bathroom, bed, and kitchen facilities.

Hotel Luna Mystica is 8 miles from Taos, next to the Taos Mesa Brewery and in the vicinity of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. If you are there just for the view, they also offer Tent sites and primitive RV spaces without hook-ups.

For the meantime Hotel Luna Mystica will give me the fix I need. Hey I’m getting ideas for the day when I own my own vintage travel trailer.