• Carmen Medrano

The Beauty of William's Lake

There will be sleeping enough in the grave. – Benjamin Franklin

“what time is it? 4:30am” why!?! I don’t have to go to work and I stayed up late. Why am I awake at 4:30am? I stare up into the darkness and I’m wide awake. I decide to take a shower, maybe that will relax me. All that does is wake me up even more.

I get ready, grab my bag and in it I put water, a camera, and a few other things. I give my husband a kiss goodbye, and let him know I’m going to the mountains.

For whatever reason, my mind would not shut off and for me, the only cure for that is nature. I decide to head to Taos Ski Valley. Williams Lake is a beautiful hike and will not take me all day. I’ll head up and straight down, then go home and hopefully get some sleep.

It took me about 45 minutes to get to Williams Lake, granted I kept stopping and taking pictures.😜

OK, time to go back down, head home and off to sleep. Well...maybe just a few (hundred) more pictures.

I love sitting on the ledge of the rock wall next to the lake. If I boulder it, I can get there faster than taking the trail. Next thing you know, I was exploring the mountain.

How could I have ever thought I was going to get there and go straight home? Maybe I didn’t go back to bed, but it was exactly what I needed. I feel rejuvenated.


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