• Carmen Medrano

The Cold Treat of Royals

Brng brng, the theme song of The Paleta Cart. The reminder of hot summers and the perfect treat to cool you down. The Mexican Paleta is not just a tasty treat, but the memories of summer vacation, playing outside, and just hanging out with friends. It reminds me of spending time with my papa. When my older sisters and mom were shopping in Mexico. Mi papi would buy me a paleta, and we would walk around the plaza. This gave me the opportunity to talk and just hang out with my dad. Time I valued since I was the youngest of 5 kids. Even though I had a paleta in my hand my dad would put me on his shoulders risking drips of melted paleta on his head. Soon I would forget that my mom and sisters had been shopping for hours. Memories that I hold close to my heart.

The Mexican Paleta is a frozen treat made from natural fruits or creamy ingredients like milk or chocolate. Legend has it that Paletas originated from the Popocatepetl Volcano, near Mexico City. The Aztec emperors who would mix the ice that was retrieved with fruit.

Not only does the Paleta hold legend, but also historical, and cultural significance. In the 1800s Mexico was celebrating it's independence from Spain's monopoly on ice and extremely high taxes. Common folks were able to finally purchase ice to beat the heat and began experimenting by adding fresh fruit and that is how the Paleta was born.

I'm excited to share this cultural treat to my community of Taos. Like most new business it can come with some trials and tribulations. Such as permits, my car braking down on my first day at the community kitchen, did I forget to mention I blew a tire on a pot hole while doing a dry run to John Dunn Shops. Even though things haven't been perfect. Making Paletas from fresh fruit has been the best part. Each Paleta is hand made with freshly squeezed limes, oranges, fresh fruit, and love.

Loteria Paleteria will be selling Paletas at the John Dunn Shops, opening day on May 29th. Not only that, Loteria Paleteria's logo was created by a well known Mexican artist El Moises. That day not only will Paletas be sold, but the Harwood Museum will be holding an Exhibit that will be featuring El Moises' work "The Great Deception of the Nephilim." part of the Santo Low Ride: Norteno Car Culture and the Sant Tradition. Paletas, Santos, and Low Riders in Taos oh my. Now that is a trifecta that you don't want to miss.


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